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Frostbite ForestEverfrost BergVentari HillVentari FieldsEcho ValleyEcho MineElysiumViridian ForestWraithwoodSporefall CoreSporefall ForestPrimeval MarshMarsh AbyssCain's GladeCrescent CapeCain's WoodsCrescent BayWorld Map
About this image

There are currently 17 zones in Wyveria.

Wyveria by level


Cain's Glade lvl 16

Cain's Woods lvl 17

Crescent Bay lvl 14

Crescent Cape lvl 12

Echo Mine lvl 35

Echo Valley lvl 33


Everfrost Berg lvl 45

Frostbite Forest lvl 48

Marsh Abyss lvl 28

Primeval Marsh lvl 23

Sporefall Core lvl 25

Sporefall Forest lvl 20

Ventari Fields lvl 40

Ventari Hill lvl 43

Viridian Forest lvl 30

Wraithwood lvl 38

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