Stall interface

A Stall is a vendor-type booth that players can use to sell items from their inventory. Players wishing to set up a stall can do so by opening their inventory and selecting the Stall icon located near the bottom of the window, just over the currency. Once the Stall window is open, right click on the items you wish to sell, then set the price. Clicking on Add Item will place it in the Stall. Once all the items have been added, click on Start Selling. A mat on the ground will appear and the player will sit on it, waiting for other players to come check their sales. Selling items in this way does not require a fee, but the character will be unavailable to quest during this time. 

Players wishing to view or purchase items from a seller can right click on the player's avatar to see the Stall window and purchase items. 

For players not wanting to wait around for items to sell, they may want to post them into the Auction instead. There is a listing fee for using the Auction and those items will be returned to the player if unsold after 24 hours via the in-game mail. 

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