Banebill Platypus Eggs are not only delicious, they're also nutritious. Merchants these days are buying Banebill Platypus Eggs by the bucketload! Naturally, a Banebill Platypus is extremely protective of its eggs. Make sure you take adequate precautions.


Obtain Banebill Platypus Egg from Banebill Platypus Egg 0/5 Defeat Banebill Platypus 0/8


Have you heard about Banebill Platypus eggs? If you haven't, you're missing out! Those tasty eggs are in season right now, so food merchants are handing out assignments left, right, and sideways. I just KNOW you're the perfect candidate for this assignment.



84 Silver, 1134 EXP, 1 Basic Gear Evolution Scroll (Bound), 1 Trapper's Hoppadrone Ticket (Silver), 3 Banebill Platypus' Hide, 1 Ore Chest I


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