(Description) Al right, let's see. This assignment involves catching some Clamcrack Otters at Crescent Cape, then taking their soft coats before releasing them. Heck, I'd probably wear otter fur, too, if I could afford it! Will you accept this assignment?


Obtain Otter Fur from Clamcrack Otter


A pack of Clamcrack Otters was spotted at Crescent Cape. Their furs are a highly prized resource for high quality garments. The Hunters' League has been getting a lot of requests from the tailor unions and other groups who want us to catch these otters for them. They say their furs would help meet market demand.



51 Silver, 612 EXP, 6 Copper Ore, 3 Clamcrack Otter's Hide, Ore Chest I


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