This is a fairly common assignment for us. Those Spyrosaurs in Marsh Abyss are a real nuisance! I'd like to shake hands with the hunter who ends up teaching them a lesson. I think you, however, are just the right candidate for the job! What do you think?


The residents of Marsh Abyss are fed up with the nearby Spyrosaurs. Not only do they steal food, they fight back when people try to shoo them off. Residents are tired of these violent incidents, so they've hired the Hunters' League to defeat the Spyrosaurs once and for all.


Defeat Spyrosaur 0/24




224 Silver
5056 EXP (may vary)
6 Biostone
3 Spyrosaur's Hide
Stalker's Hoppadrome Ticket (Silver)
Ore Chest II


Players may encounter mini-boss Quickclaw Jimbo

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