Seems Elysium's gotten itself in some kind of stir-fried hullabaloo over Wyveria's most recent bestseller! Just when you think you have no chance of nabbing the book for yourself, though, a local tot with her own copy asks if you might read it to her. How serendipitous! (Player falls asleep and wakes up in a strange land)

Picture book enchanged drachmar chronicles 1


Explore the strange city 0/1 

Explore the bustling square 0/1

Explore the empty bridge 0/1


A new city in an unfamiliar land? Chalk one up for adventure! Take a gander at your new surroundings. You just might uncover a secret or two.


Wake Up!!!

You're roused to your feet in an instant and promptly bludgeon your head against the nearby tree. As you massage your temple to relieve the concussion, your surroundings come drifting back in nauseating high-contrast. With a frustrated harumph, she snatches the book from your still-fumbling fingers and, with one last look (and a protrusion of her tongue), she dashes off down the hill.


152 Silver, 1672 EXP (amount may vary)


Quest auto starts one the book in the player's inventory is read, after meeting up with the little girl. Players will be transported to a new zone. This is the same map as The Volcazar


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