Elysium's Twin Peaks Burger Shop is known to use only the juiciest, highest quality Fellswine meat from Cain's Glade. Business is booming, so they need MORE meat to meet the constant demand. They're very strict about using only top quality meat, and they've instructed the Hunter's League to send its most talented hunters.


Obtain Juicy Fellswine Meat from Fellswine 0/6


Petunia, are you up to this task? I'm confident that your skills will meet the dient's demands! This dient is very demanding and wants only the best hunters for this assignment. It would put my mind at ease if you took it. Will you hunt some Fellswine in Cain's Glade?



80 Silver, 980 EXP, 6 Copper Ore, 3 Fellswine Tusks, 1 Trapper's Hoppadrome Ticket (Silver), 1 Ore Chest I


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