Breeding Barn

Players wanting to breed their Dragomon will need to take them to The Ranch and put them in the Pasture. They will need Dragomon of similar types and will need to feed their pets until their level has reached 100%. For more information on how and what to feed your Dragomon, go to Cooking. (Some of the Dragomon articles also have information on their preferred foods listed with the species. The goal is to have that information available site wide. Please add it if you can.) 

Once the Dragomon are at 100%, players will notice hearts coming from their creatures. (Discovered that riding them briefly triggers the effect once you dismount and they reset to the pasture). Both the Pasture and the Breeding interface will have the heart symbol 'lit up' showing which Dragomon are ready for breeding. Using the Breeding interface, players will need to select which two Dragomon to send to the barn. Each time they are bred, there is a possibility that it will fail. The percentage rate will show on the heart. While players cannot breed Insectomon and Beastomon together because they are not of the same type, they can put two Beastomon together even if they are of a different species. Just need to be the same family. Sometimes the mix produces better success rates than two of the same species. The result will be one of the two species used.

When ready, players will click on "Begin Breeding" to breed the Dragomon. It only takes a few seconds for the result. Breeding them pushes their level past the end of the EXP bar and starts them on the next level, even if it is not successful. Then players will need to fill the bar to 100% again before another attempt can be made with either creature.

If successful, the new Dragomon will be placed in the player's inventory. Breeding can create mounts of new colors and/or higher quality than the parents.


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