• A Legend Begins - Complete Quest: "Lv18. Monsters Die if They are Killed." (150 pt)
  • The Mon, The Mission Complete - Complete Quest: "Lv29. Coney Island Disco Palace." (150 pt)
  • Quoth The Raven - Complete Quest: "Lv40. You're Finally Acting Like A Man." (150 pt)
  • Behind Enemy Crimes - Complete Quest: "Lv50. Mission... Accepted." (150 pt)
  • At Least We Will Have Our Revenge - Complete Quest: "Lv55. Be Prepared." (150 pt)
  • Imminently Speaking - Complete Quest: "Lv65. Present Misgivings." (150 pt)
  • Enchanted Drachmar Chronicles - Complete Quest: "Lv45. Talking to Drachmar." (150 pt)
  • Pleasantries Finished - Complete Hoppalong Quests: (20 pt)
    • "Lv13. World Domination How-to"
    • "Lv13. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"
    • "Lv13. Laugh at Crab, Cry in Crab"
    • "Lv13. Fate\bay plight"
    • "Lv13. Ayo Yoyo Wololo"
  • Let's Get Together - Complete Hoppalong Quests: (20 pt)
    • "Lv15. Forced Fasting"
    • "Lv15. I. HATE. BABIES."
    • "LV15. The Peanut Butter Solution"
    • "Lv15. Rhine and Dine"
    • "Lv15 Ridiculously Good Looking

A Beautiful Friendship - Complete Hoppalong Quests: (20 pt)

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