Accepting the Quest


You step off the gearcopter and shake your head to clear your thoughts, then give your environs a good, solid look-see. It seems the evaluations are taking place just up ahead! You feel butterflies begin flitting about in your stomach, but the amiable smiles on the evaluators' faces help to calm your nerves.
You can't help but think back to all those grueling hours you've spent training. It's all been for this moment! The Falcon Recruitment Trials. As you readjust your recruit's uniform, you take a deep breath and let it out slowly, counting to five in your head. You hope you've got what it takes!


"Now then, let's see. Next on the list is.. (Player)! (Player)? Is there a (Player) here? You're up, dear!" You're torn from your thoughts by the voice of one of the organizers. Her gaze pans back and forth across the sea of hopeful recruits.


Your turn? Already?! You swallow hard, but quickly raise your hand to signal your presence. Your heart feels like it's about to beat out of your chest. Taking a deep breath, you make your way over to the clerk.

Completing the Quest


You step forward and introduce yourself to Nicola, voice warbling slightly.


"Ah perfect! There you are! You're the new Scout recruit, hm? And so young, too! Quite the feat getting past the primaries at your age." Nicola jots something down in her ledger with an encouraging smile.


  • This is the first quest in the game.

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